IoT in Emergency Response

Greenline Labs developed an integrated IoT emergency response automation to save more lifes by enabling smart grid system.

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Our IoT Platforms

Product classification in detail


The IoT platform for ambulance provides an optimal route suggestion between patient/victim location and hospital


An IoT device connected to cloud which runs the signal control algorithm based on ambulance priority and enables traffic signal preemption.


Our hospital platform enables to track the patient condition accurately from a remote loaction and track ambulance position.

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Our revolutionary product

Emergency Response Automation

ERA aims to mitigate the lags in the emergency response time with a smart grid architecture.

In India, more cases of fatality happen in the ambulance, during the mobility of the victim. If the ambulance could reach the hospital on time, 40% deaths can be prevented. Greenline Labs has developed a product which makes emergency services reach the destination much faster.

ERA makes that happen, providing the technology that helps ambulances reach hospitals faster.

Emergency Location

Audio-Visual navigation assists the ambulance driver to reach the emergency spot without any hassle.

Increased Efficiency

Reduced lead times and controlled traffic ensures maximum efficiency.

Route Mapping

Smart algorithms provide optimal routes for faster arrival at the destination.

Live Tracking

The user is notified with the live status,accurate ETA of the ambulance from a central facility.

Smart Grid

An embedded system which allows the control of any and every traffic signal from a command centre.

Health Monitoring

Realtime update of the situational report and patient condition during transit to the hospital.

   Note: This product is patented under Indian Patent Act 2005 to Greenline Labs (P) Ltd.

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